THE Roxinator Comes to Life - A Dog Collar is Not Just a Collar

I love making paracord dog collars, dog leashes, and harnesses. I love making t-shirts. But what I love the most, and am truly the most grateful for, is actually interacting with dogs and their humans. 

Happy Dog!

I had the pleasure of working one-on-one with Mr. Brett and his gorgeous Pitbull. He had contacted me to design a collar for one of his Pitbull's, named Roxie. He had an idea in his head, but still couldn't quite get the full visualization of it. And he wanted to make sure that it would match Roxie's personality without being "too girly" (hahaha).  We went through all the colors he was thinking about and possible combinations that would be 'the bomb'. 

We even tested a couple of colors to make sure it would fit Roxie's personality. Because a dog's collar and leash, must match their personality! ;) (Pictures of the two demo collars made are below) 

The Roxinator Paracord Dog Collar

BombBullie Paracord Dog Collar

After a couple of test collars, Roxie picked her favorite collar. A King Cobra Martingale Paracord Collar consisting of Light Blue, Neon Orange, Midnight Blue, and Raven colors. It looks amazing, but what really makes the collar "the bomb" is Ms. Roxie strutting her stuff with it on. (Check it out HERE). 

The Roxinator BombBullie Paracord Dog Collar

Well, looking good, Roxie! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Brett and Roxie for allowing me to make you such a wonderful collar. As a token of my gratitude, we've named the collar after you, Roxie - THE Roxinator

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