I'm a Bulliever! The Real “Bull” About the Bull Terriers’ Bad Reputation

The Real “Bull” About the Bull Terriers’ Bad Reputation

Everybody knows that the media will focus on anything that gets attention, but when you only focus on one particular aspect of the news, it throws everything out of perspective. You have the citizens afraid of cops, the women who think all men are abusive, and the people who are convinced that certain dog breeds are pure evil. While some rotten stories are true, they are rare occurrences. All cops are not bad, all men are not abusive, and while certain dog breeds do have particular personality traits, it is actually the owners who mold their dog’s personality.

Petey the Pit Bull Terrier

Lover not a Fighter

Like other breeds with a bad reputation, the English Bull Terrier gets a bad rap for a few reasons. Yes, their primary purpose way back when, was to fight, but by the time their breed began to form, owners wanted a dog they could fight and keep as a pet as well. Therefore, these terriers are protective and loyal, but not aggressive because they were living in homes. Thankfully fighting dogs have also been stamped out for the most part, which means that there has been a drastic reduction of “bad owners” with Bull Terriers and Pit Bulls.

Appearances Aren’t Everything

Being bred for fighting isn’t the only obstacle that Terriers face, though. Their stocky, muscular build is another thing that automatically scares people off. Both humans and animals have a natural instinct to protect themselves so we innately avoid anyone capable of hurting us. This is rather silly, however, because no one shies away from the body builder at the gym nor do people to run away from a large dog that is all fluff instead of all muscle. Both are fully capable of hurting you, but they don’t, and that is the difference. Bull Terriers are loveable, loyal, and excellent pets and wouldn’t hurt someone anymore than an Australian Shepherd would, unless the owner trained them to do so.

I lost count of how many times I walked our two Bull Terriers and people crossed the street to avoid walking past us. One time, a lady spotted us walking and literally gasped and ran into her house. It’s so ridiculous, but I try to put myself in their shoes and if I saw a Great White Shark (the thing I fear the most) swimming at me, I would probably “freak” out and do what I could to get to safety too. So I guess the best I can do is spread the word that the Bullie-Breed are some of the most kind, gentle, and loyal dogs out there. Most commonly known, the Bullie Breed consists of English Bull Terriers, Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and American Bull Dogs. But the Bullie Breed also consists of Boxers, Great Danes, Cane Corsos, French Bull Dogs, Boston Terriers, Mastiffs, and many other dogs that you would not think were "bullies". 

Pit Bull and Child

If It’s On TV, It Must Be The Truth…Right? WRONG!

The media puts fear into the hearts of everyone when they continually post stories of dog bites and attacks. If it happens once in the United States, everyone will know about it, but of course the media pays no attention to the thousands of English Bull Terriers that behave perfectly well every day and haven’t ever harmed anyone. Even loveable movies like Toy Story can cause thousands of people to assume that Bull Terriers are mean dogs and since no one takes the time to research the truth behind this, the belief spreads.

I’m a Bulliever!

Some of the sweetest and most intelligent dogs I’ve met, besides my most amazing English Bull Terriers, have been Pit Bulls. My older brother always had Pit Bulls and those dogs were the best, most well-behaved, and loyal dogs I’d ever met. My brother has five kids and his Pits really looked after all of them and were the best baby-body guards ever.

It’s time we take a stand and help this amazing breed from its unfair and unfounded stigma of being ferocious baby killers. These dogs are being killed off by those who fear them or buy into the media hype, forced to fight, and/or abandoned. It’s extremely unfair and immoral. To anyone who has ever been the victim of any dog attack or knew someone who has, I am not in anyway downplaying the harm and affect it ha had on you. Believe me, I was attacked by a dog once…it’s traumatic and hard to move past. I just ask that you take into consideration WHO raised that dog and not automatically write off the entire breed.

We should give dogs the same courtesy that we give humans. It doesn’t matter where people come from or who they are, you should never judge them before you know them and the same goes for every dog breed including English Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and Pit Bulls.

 Bull Terrier and Child 

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I came up with I'm a Bulliever out of chance. I was walking my dogs and someone walking towards us, looked at the dogs, and high-tailed it across the street to avoid us. Initially I got angry, but then I got more sad. Sad that some people believe the media that Bullies are vicious or mean dogs. I looked down at my sweet, happy-go-lucky Bull Terriers and said "Don't Worry, I'm a Bulliever!" and shazzzzam, it stuck!

Update: I will say that somebody send me a message stating that I needed to read up on my facts as an English Bull Terrier owner. They were adamant to tell me that English Bull Terriers were NOT Pit Bulls and I needed to get my facts straight as an advocate of the English Bull Terrier Breed. While I always appreciate people reading my blogs and providing me with their feedback, their comments kind freaking hurt my feelers! I am not an idiot and I know that English Bull Terriers are not Pit Bull Terriers.

English Bull Terriers are related to breeds such as the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and more. 

The Bull name partially comes from the breed used to give them great size and strength, a breed developed from Bulldogs, to control cattle and to bait bulls and bears. The Terrier part comes from the breed used to give them more energy and make them faster, namely, various terriers that today would be most similar to Jack Russell Terrier.

I'm an advocate of the Bullie Breed, which includes the English Bull Terriers the Pit Bull Terriers, and many more breeds. The purpose of my blog here was that it's really $hi##y that Pit Bulls and other Bullie Breeds collectively get a bad wrap, and it's unwarranted in most cases. I love dogs of all breeds, and even though the "human" who left me the message kind of bummed me out, I love you too because of your love for the English Bull Terrier breed and I will take your message to me as your dedication and love for the breed. Oy vey, can't make everyone happy. 

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