Adventures in Bull Terrier - Year's Best Weekend Reunion

Adventures in Bull Terrier - Year's Best Weekend Reunion

Well, Homer and Hera had a most amazing weekend. Their daddy returned from a 7 1/2 month deployment safe and sound, to which we are most grateful to God. The dogs were reunited and it feels so good... and well, I am now chopped liver. The man is home and I am now just the cook, walkie-conductor, and professional dog petter. When people ask me how I do the deployments and if I dread them, I say "no"...duh, it's the time where my dogs finally see me as the big cheez! Oh sorry, back to the dogs and their adventures...


Homer helped rid the world of yet another California Breakfast Burrito at the beach with dad today while I got to sleep in with the Her-Bear. Upon waking, Hera licked away the shower I just gave her... about 3 times. Daddy got home with a full, tired Homer who slept for a record 10 minutes before catching his 10th wind and resuming his left-side-only-tail-chasing spin down the hallway...Homer I just cleaned the walls!


Homer and Hera both had a photo shoot today where they sported our new BombBullie Ruff Neck Paracord Collars. They fully endorsed our new collar line and agreed to do the photoshoot, but if you ask me...they were quite the demanding little rising stars. I think the new stardom is going straight to their heads. They seriously made us get them a jar of milk bones and demanded that we separate the bones and remove all of the brown ones...where the hell did they get that idea from?


Hera donned another attempt at being the infamous "Brown Dog". Backstory: Hera has this huge chip on her shoulder that she was not born all brindle...she feels like her white fur makes her look too "cute" and that people and k-9's will not take her seriously. She believes her total cuteness loses her "power" points. Any attempt she has to be "Brown Dog", she takes it. After getting my hair done for the homecoming, I came home to Brown Dog. On top of getting a good scrubbing in before I went to pick my husband up from base, I now had to wash the Hera-Bear and myself in the shower without getting my hair wet. Oh that Hera...


The dogs were awesome tonight...quite the little chefs if you ask me. They decided tonight was "SoCal Night". We live in beautiful Southern California and about once a week, we have SoCal Night where we make street tacos, fish tacos, baja style seafood and/or Mexican food. Tonight, they suggested we cook them Carne Asada and Pollo Asada street tacos and stuffed Anaheim peppers. Homer and Hera were such sweet little pups, they supervised our cooking and cheered us on the whole time. They are both stuffed and passed out right now...and I think they both might be chasing the same rabbit based off their similar"puppy-dream" rhythmics.


What have they learned this weekend? Hera said she learned to be more discreet about becoming Brown Dog and to request a raise for her "image". Homer said he learned that he needs to start twirling more to the right when he chases his tail instead of only the left side because his left side is more muscular than the right and the dames are not into disproportion. 


Here's Homer and Hera's human signing off. This weekend has been the best of our weekends in a very long time...our Kurt has returned home safe to us. Have a fun and fulfilled week, everyone. Leaving you with a short clip showing the dogs first time seeing Kurt since he deployed. Enjoy!


~Kellie, Homer, and Hera


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