Coconut Water...Does a Dog Good!


Keep Calm and Drink Coconut Water…With Your Dog!

We spend so much of our time ensuring that our own diets keep us healthy, skinny, energized, or pretty, but what about our dogs? Many owners feed their pets the same, dry food day after day and then get upset about expensive vet bills when their dog falls ill. Even the best, nutrient-packed dog food cannot provide your dog with everything they need to maintain optimal health. Introducing a few extra dietary supplements such as coconut water could change the quality of your dog’s life and prevent a few vet visits at the same time.


The Many Benefits of Coconut Water 

Coconut water comes from green coconuts and is packed with nutrients that benefit both humans and pets. As a natural source of electrolytes, the water helps keep pets hydrated on a daily basis as well as assists with hydration when dogs are ill with GI problems like as diarrhea or parvovirus.


The coconut water contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, iodine, B-vitamins, and Vitamin C. This is why coconut water has been dubbed an excellent sports drink for humans, but it has the same effect with dogs. After a long day of fun in the sun you can re-hydrate them and ensure that they get several necessary vitamins just be giving them some coconut water.


Preventative Maintenance with Coconut Water 

If you opt to use coconut water on a regular basis it helps prevent and cure urinary tract infections, improve kidney function, and reduce the effects of aging. For acute problems with dehydration or diarrhea, just give your dog the coconut water every two hours. It helps stabilize their digestive system while providing them with essential nutrients, which prevent the situations from becoming more severe. 


Many owners argue that the research on coconut water is limited, and this is true. However, the research conducted on each of the vitamins in coconuts water is solid and owners have used it to provide necessary nutrients to their pets for years. 


How to Give Pets Coconut Water 

Since most of you probably don’t live on or near a coconut farm, giving your pets fresh coconut water is probably out of the question. However, you can get the water from stores, which sell organic products. Just add it to you pups water bowl or give it to them on its own as a special treat. Most animals love the taste and will lap it right up. You can’t really give a dog too much, but since coconut water can be rather pricy, offer medium size dogs half a cup and larger dogs a full cup once a day or when possible.


Use Coconut Water in Dog Treats 

It can also be used to bake dog treats. If the recipe calls for milk or water, just substitute it for coconut water and turn the delicious treats into something more nutritious. However, keep the treats refrigerated just to be on the safe side.


Coconut Water Tastes Like Happiness! 

As you can see, coconut water gives you a very easy and tasty way to get keep your furry loved one healthy and happy. The next time you reach for a refreshing glass of coconut water, offer some to your little friend and enjoy a cold one together.


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