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Why is She Posting Bull Terrier and Dog Training Tips?

Owning a dog is not easy. Owning an English Bull Terrier is a whole different story. It can be extremely difficult and trying at times, and can definitely test your patience. My husband explains having a bull terrier as raising a two year old clown in a dog suit who needs constant interaction.

Bull Terriers are extremely smart and innately need to have a part in their family, your family. In my opinion, Bull Terriers are the best dogs to have the privilege of having. They are loyal, smart, funny, protective, and they are the best friends. 

It breaks my heart when someone buys a Bull Terrier and ends up giving them back to the breeder, giving them away, or placing them in an adoption clinic because they cannot handle the dog.

About a month after we got our first Bull Terrier, Hector (he was about 3 months old at this time), the breeder called us asking if we wanted to adopt his brother for half the price because their buyer could not "hack it" and returned the dog to her. If we hadn't lived in a very small condo at the time, we totally would have grabbed him up and the fact that we couldn't still weights on my conscious today. 

 I don't want to blame people for having to return dogs they cannot take care of. I could, but I won't...where will that get me? I have plenty of emotions about this, but instead of being frustrated, upset, and angry about it, I thought I would do my best to educate people about the Bull Terrier breed so hopefully they know what they are getting into before bringing a Bullie into their family. 

I'm hoping that these daily tips will help not only help Bull Terrier owners, but all dog owners. These tips will cover training, behavior, nutrition and more. I'm an avid follower of Cesar Milan and a lot of my tips will stem from his philosophy. 

If you have some issues and are not finding the answers or dog training tips you are looking for here on our site, email me at BombBullie@gmail.com and I will do my best to find an answer for you, or at least point you in the right direction. 


Tip #1: Are You the Pack Leader? You Should Be and Here's why:

Be the leader of your pack (a.k.a. your family) and walk in front of your dog. By walking in front of your pooch, it allows you to be seen as the pack leader.

If you were to allow your Bullie to walk in the front, then he sees himself as the pack leader and he will try to control the walk and control you. Bull Terriers are crazy obsessive little creatures on their own, they don't need to try and control your pack too.

Try to keep your dog behind or beside you during your walks. Try to be the first one out the door and the first one in the door.

Bull Terriers are bull-headed and stubborn, but they are extremely smart too.  If you stay consistent with this, they will catch onto it and take their proper position in your pack. 

I believe Cesar Milan is a genius and extremely compassionate. I follow him and his training tips. You can read more about this subject and his tips on being the leader of your pack here

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