What's up with the name "BombBullie"?

What is BombBullie? Life is "da bomb", but don't let so called "life circumstances" "bullie" you around! Hence, BombBullie.

Our mascot, Bomb the Bullie is the embodiment of some of the most amazing souls I've come to know...Bull Terrier and human.

My husband is an EOD Tech (Explosive Ordnance Disposal aka Bomb Squad) and through his many years in the USMC, I've had the privilege of being around some amazing EOD Techs; some of whom gave the ultimate sacrifice, some of whom are Combat wounded warriors, and many others who are defending our freedom.  Bomb the Bullie is my tribute to the amazing EOD Techs, their families, my Bull Terrier family and friends, and the love I've witnessed through each and every one aforementioned. 

Bomb is the ultimate Utopian being: loving, gallant, steadfast, ingenious, loyal, Brave, courageous, and so much more. He is what BombBullie stands for. 

In loving memory of Nicholas Sprovtsoff, Skye Mote, and Joshua Cullins. We love you. You remind us every day why life is so precious. 

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