Why You Should Feed Your Dog Fresh Salmon

Salmon for Dogs?

What to feed your dog and what not to feed your dog? Questions about canine diets are always popping up in groups, but it’s safe to say that although some high quality dog foods do provide adequate nutrition, you should still supplement your dog’s diet with some natural foods as well.

Salmon is such a great way to give your pup something fresh and tasty. And it's packed with awesome nutrients! Fish is very lean and is also high in fatty acids, omega-3, and protein. Health aside though, most dogs love the fresh taste and it’s a nice break from their regular food regiment. How would you feel eating the same dull and processed food every day? Chances are, you would be sick of it by the end of the third day.

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Is Salmon Fatty?

Yes and no, but it is not fatty in the traditional sense, meaning it's not going to make your dog fat. And if your dog is already overweight, it doesn't mean that they cannot have salmon.  Fish is actually very low in saturated fat which is the "big bag" kind of fat. When people refer to salmon as a “fatty fish,” they are discussing the unsaturated fats as well as the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids; these are the "good fats".  

“Fatty acids” have many health benefits for your dog such as promoting healthy skin and a shiny coat, reducing inflammation, promoting a healthy heart, and helping the body absorb nutrients from food.

The lack of unhealthy fats and the high amounts of protein help curb a dog’s appetite, give them energy, burn through bad fat, and ultimately balance their weight.

Isn’t Salmon Expensive?

Well, yes, most fish is expensive, but you definitely do not have to purchase the high-grade fish from places like the Pike Place Market  in San Francisco, although that would be really cool!  Dogs are far less picky about taste and are grateful for any kind of fresh meat. If you can't get fresh fish, frozen fish is just fine and your dog will love it, but you should probably cook the frozen fish because well, it's been frozen and you don't know for how long. It's probably not as tasty, but just ask your dog. ;) 

As salmon becomes more and more popular for dogs, you will notice that lots of foods and treats contain salmon in them. We know a lot of people, and us included, who squirt some Salmon Oil on their dog's food. But, just remember don’t compromise on quality and assume that the product contains a good portion of salmon. Low quality pet products often put miniscule amounts of nutrition into their food just so they can claim it as an ingredient. If you are looking to take advantage of salmon health benefits, then salmon needs to be listed as a main ingredient.

How to Prepare Salmon for Dogs

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You Can Give the Salmon to Your Dog Raw

Personally, I give salmon to my two Bull Terriers raw.  I cut the fresh salmon up into cubes and include the skin. They love it.   I try to do a Raw Dog Food Diet for my dogs for the most part. Personally, I've been feeding them raw food (however, I do cook gluten free rice and sweet potatoes for them for healthy carbs) for the last couple of years, and I've had no issues. Their skin is in such better condition than before, they shed less, we've had no diarrhea or loose stool issues, and they seem a lot "younger" in terms of energy and endurance. I've only taken the dogs to the vet a handful of times - for updating shots and once for Hera when she ate a frog when we first moved to Florida. 

In terms of strictly Salmon, I've been feeding my dogs raw fresh salmon for a few years now and they've never had any issues. However, if you are uncertain, check with your vet. 

You Can Cook the Salmon If You Want

If you want to cook Salmon for your dog, you can! Cooking Salmon is super easy! You can either fry it in a pan with a little coconut oil or bake it in the oven on a lubricated dish. Most salmon from the store has instructions and you can follow those.  You can then refrigerate the meat and put a few chunks into their food dish with meals.


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