Sending Long Distance Dog Reiki to my Bullies Over the Holidays

Leaving On a Jet Plane...Wahoo...But Wait...

We've all been there before. It's time for the holidays and we're traveling out of state, but we can't bring our dogs with us. We're so happy to get out of town and re-charge, yet we feel guilty for leaving our beloved pets behind.

My parents watched our 2 Bull Terriers, Homer and Hera. And even though I knew they were in good hands, I was still sad and worried about them. Would they think we abandoned them, would they think something happened to us, would they be happy, would they feel loved and supported...or worse...would they forget about us! And being out of state and not able to control for the most part what goes on, I had no idea what my dogs were being exposed to. Don't get me wrong, I love and trust my parents, but there are a lot of "what if's" and uncertainties. We love our dogs and want to keep them safe. However, safety entails more than just physical safeness; it encompasses emotional and mental wellbeing as well. What could I do when I knew that they may be around some negative energy (stay with me here)? What could I do to help my dogs feel safe, secure, and loved when I was 2 timezones away? 

I know you are probably thinking "what is this blog even about" and what am I getting at. Well, it's about long distance dog reiki and how even though I was across the country away from my bullies, I could still connect with them and send them love.

We live in Florida and we were visiting my in laws in Washington State for Christmas. Every morning, I retreated to the freezing downstairs, turned on a little space heater, and sent my dogs Reiki. Below is a picture of Homer and Hera after one of their Reiki sessions.

Reiki for Dogs - Reiki for Bull Terriers

What is Dog Reiki you ask?

Dog Reiki can help with emotional, psychological, and physical issues. And if your dog is already happy and healthy, it can help him or her be happier, healthier, and balanced. Sounds pretty woo-woo huh?! It really is not when you take a minute to think about it and hopefully this blog post sheds some light on it for you.

What is Dog Reiki? How Do You Use Reiki for Dogs?

Reiki means Spiritual Energy. "Rei" translates to "Spirit" and "Ki" translates to "Energy". It is the Universal Life Force, or Universal Energy. Reiki is a holistic healing system which treats the whole being (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). 

Dog Reiki is energy healing for dogs. Traditionally, Reiki practice and teachings had centered around healing humans. However, it works wonders for animals too and it strengthens the bond between you and your pet. Reiki is gentle, painless, non-invasive and stress-free for all animals. And in fact, your dog is pretty much in control of the reiki session. They decide how much Reiki they receive. You can also think of it as a boost or recharge for your pet. 

However, it's important to know that there is no control over the results your dog will get with Reiki because Reiki energy flows where it is needed. When I do Reiki for my dogs or other dogs, one of the most important things (which I admit is the hard sometimes) is releasing all attachment to the outcome. You (as your dog's human) and I (as the practitioner) might have specific intentions, which almost always do come from a good and loving place. However, there is no guarantee of the results because Reiki energy goes where commanded by one's Higher Self in concert with the universal life force. You can think of your Higher Self as your soul. We all have one and so do dogs.  

For example, say your dog is recovering from a cut on his paw and you call me to do a Reiki session. You explain to me the situation and want me to make sure that his foot is healed up and focus on that physical injury. You are coming from a good place and your intentions are good and loving. However, he may not need Reiki healing there. Unbeknownst to you, his foot may be healing up fine already, but he is feeling anxious, stressed out, and sad. Turns out, you are anxious and stressed out. It was another vet bill on top of your piling bills. Money is already tight and you definitely did not need this other bill. And on top of that, you feel guilty because your dog is the love of your life and you're upset with yourself for worrying about money over his health. 3 Words: Emotional shit sandwich. Your dog has taken on your energy. Stay with me here, I'll explain below. So the Reiki flows to these areas and releases the negative energy blocks he has within him and around him. This is where he needed it most. 

Reiki Animal Healing In a Nutshell

I promise not to get too scientific on you. Everything is made of energy, including you and me, and our dogs. We are all connected to the web of life through energy. Reiki is the Universal Life Force or Universal Energy.  Reiki is found everywhere and in all things (you, me, our dogs, etc.) including the system of healing that we are drawing energy from the universe, which is limitless and ever abundant. The Reiki healing system uses a combination of specific symbols, hand positions, philosophies, and techniques, but is powered by intention and love. Reiki nurtures compassion within ourselves for our own healing and for the support of our dogs. 

Energy is a frequency, a vibration, an electromagnetic energy, and even a current. If everything is energy, then we are all connected by and to it. Our own energy system can add to or take away from another's, and likewise their's can definitely affect us. Just as everything is energy, everything has a frequency, and all frequencies are broadcast into the world as wavelengths. A frequency can attract or repel, and the wavelength itself can also contain information. Everything has a vibration and our world is a fully vibratory world. Phew! Not too confusing, right?

Positive Vibes Only Dude!

Ever had that certain someone seems to drain your energy? Well, they are literally are draining energy from you. Heard of positive vibes and "she's being so negative"? It's all relative and call it what you will, but there are certain people who can deplete your energy and certain people who being around them seems to charge you up and make you feel wonderful. With energy, you are using, giving, emitting, submitting to, and creating more energy all of the time. 

Your dog is part of this universal exchange of energy meaning that they contribute to your energy by giving, taking, and transforming the energy around you and them (and vice versa you do the same to them), but unfortunately, they also take on your energy. Your dog is easily affected by your thoughts (thoughts are energy) and emotions (emotions are energy in motion, get it: "e-motion"). Energy we bring back from work, things happening in our relationships, and basically whatever stuff you have going on...your dog picks up on this energy and there are a number of ways he can deal with that.

Ever had a horrible day where one of your co-workers really pissed you off, then you got stuck in traffic and were late coming back from your lunch hour, your boss came at you with last-minute-has-to-be-done-now stuff, you missed your work out because you had to stay late, then your husband said he wasn't going to be home on time so needed you to pick up the kids or dubbed this the worst day ever! Well, you bring that all back home to your dog. Your dog cannot rationalize what you are going through and differentiate that it's not him you are upset with. He just knows you are surrounded by this negative energy and are upset, stressed out, angry, resentful, etc. He either tries to take on your energy because he loves you unconditionally and is trying to protect you, freaks out because he's so sensitive to your energy and in turn "misbehaves" because he doesn't know how to handle your energy, or puts up a wall and avoids you until you reach out to him. Your dog is in tune with your shifting energy. 

You, me, your dog, and the whole rest of the world has the ability to change their own vibration. Your dog can simply run over to their food dish or grab their toy and change his vibration. For us, it's a lot easier said than done. Our monkey mind tends to get the best of us at times and makes it hard to think and perceive things how we want to. Our intellectual brain is always trying to rationalize things and form logic and relationships. Dogs already live in the energetic world, but we tend to struggle a lot to sense energy and quiet our minds. 

Tying This Back In, How I Helped My Dogs with Reiki, and What You Can Do to Help Your Dog

Every morning on vacation, I spent about 20-25 minutes meditating, connecting to my dogs, and sending them Reiki. Even though we were thousands of miles a part, Reiki Energy and Healing is not bound by time or space. I tapped into both Homer and Hera and offered them Reiki for as long as they wanted. I'd then call my parents to check in on them. Every time I called, they had all the sudden passed out on the couch and were snoozing. This is a clear sign of dogs accepting Reiki. They tend to calm down, yawn, even burp or fart (yep, they fart and it's a good sign), and snooze. It relaxes them, it heals them, and it helps balance them. 

My parents said they were 2 of the happiest dogs they've ever seen. They were so calm and great the whole time. They were energized and chased my teenage brothers around their yard and played with all the kids on their street, and would then relax in the living room with everyone. Below is another picture my parents sent of Homer after I sent him Dog Reiki. 

Bull Terrier Reiki - Energy Healing for Dogs

Sending Reiki requires being attuned by a Reiki Master. I'm a Reiki Level II Practitioner and can offer your dog long distance Reiki. However, if you want to help your dog, really try to be mindful of your energy - meaning your mood, your thoughts, and words, and even actions. If you have a bad day at work, try to leave it at the door before you go in your house. You are the emotional leader of your pack and house and your dogs look up to you. If you feel bad, they will feel bad. I'm definitely not saying bottle up your stuff and pretend to be happy. No you need to process it and get it out, but be mindful of what you say to and how you interact with your dog. They're connected to you. You are their world.

 How Dog Reiki Can Help Your Dog

I would love to work with you and your dog and offer them Reiki. If you have any questions or want to know more about Dog Reiki for your dog, please email me at and we can set up a complimentary skype call, chat, or email to figure out what I can do for you and your dog. 

Or if you are ready to send some Reiki to your dog you can buy a Reiki Session HERE. I will email you within 24 to discuss your situation and calendar a long distance Reiki Session for your dog. 


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