The BombBullie Story

What is BombBullie? 

Life is "da bomb", but most of us take life for granted. We don't live the life we truly want for ourself.  I wish that more people would live the life they want and realize they are the only ones to make their life for them. I know, what does this have to do with dogs huh? Well, for me, everything. 

*      *      *

Our mascot, Bomb the Bullie is the embodiment of some of the most amazing souls I've come to know...Bull Terrier and human. My husband is an EOD Tech (Explosive Ordnance Disposal aka Bomb Squad) and through his many years in the USMC, I've had the privilege of being around some amazing EOD Techs (and their bada$$ families); some of whom gave the ultimate sacrifice, some of whom are Combat wounded warriors, and many others who are defending our freedom.  

Bomb the Bullie is not only my tribute to the amazing EOD Techs, their families, my Bull Terrier family and friends, and the love I've witnessed through each and every one aforementioned. Bomb is also an embodiment of who I strive to be.

Bomb is loving, gallant, steadfast, ingenious, loyal, Brave, courageous, and so much more. He's badass and true. He is what BombBullie stands for. 

What Do We Do:

I love making dog collars, leashes, harnesses, art, and Bombin' t-shirts. I personally hand make all of my dog leashes, collars, and harnesses with Type III 550 Paracord...and yes through my experience with the military! I taught myself after my husband came home from one deployment with a paracord bracelet. It was beautiful, extremely strong, and it served a purpose...survival.  Paracord is some of the best, most useful, and quite aesthetic material. 

My Mission is to help dogs in any way that I can. To help humans and dogs bond and connect with joy and ease. To create sublimely bada$$ products for dogs and their owners. 

BombBullie is a state of mind. Living life to the fullest. Not taking life too seriously, while appreciating every moment life has to give.  I truly believe that dogs can help us with long as we know how to interact with them and understand them. 

Who Am I

During my husband's last deployment, I immersed myself in my businesses while also working as a paralegal. I was crazy busy, driven, and dedicated, but in turn, I got burnt out. With my hubs deployed and me running the household, working, and taking care of everything myself, I lost my passion, my joy, and was just not having fun anymore. What was it all for? Being an entrepreneur was amazing, but I had a hard time turning it off and I had no "fun" life.

Kellie and Hera Skateboarding

My bullies were definitely the ones looking after me and keeping me laughing and feeling loved. When I got stressed out, or needed a break, I would go for walks with the dogs, take them hiking, go off-roading, or just go play with them outside. I felt like a kid again and laughing really does alleviate anything.

I'm grateful to tap into my creative side and design all of the things you see here on BombBullie. 

Supporting Some Great Causes:  

To contribute further, I donate a portion of our proceeds to Operation Delta Dog, the Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue , Bull Terriers in need, and various other Dog Rescue Organizations. 

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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they do make our lives whole" (Roger Caras).