I decided to pick a King Cobra Collar and I chose 3 colors. What are my coloring options for the collar?


There are a few ways you can choose the coloring scheme for a 3 color King Cobra Dog Collar. Here are 3 examples to help paint the picture. 

Example A: So this collar, the individual chose to use Black, White, and Orange. This collar uses two (2) colors for the Core Layer and the 2 (two) colors for the Outside Layer.

So, this collar shown below has a

1) Black Inner Core Layer

2) Orange Outer Core Layer with a

3) Black Inner Outside Layer

4) White Outer Outside Layer


Example B: So, this Collar, the individual chose Black, White, and Sand Camo for their 3 colors. This Collar uses two (2) colors for the Core Layer and one (1) color for the Outside Layer.

The Collar shown below uses a

1) White Inner Core Layer

2) Black Outer Core Layer with a

3) Sand Camo Inner Outside Layer

4) Sand Camo Outer Outside Layer.

 (This collar "The Desert Storm" is from our Paracord Collection. If you like it, you can find it and order it here and we will specialize it to fit your dog.) 


Example C: The individual who got this collar, chose Yellow, Black, and Grey for their three (3) colors.  The Collar shown below uses 1 color for the Core Layer and the other two (2) colors for Outside Layer. 

So, this collar uses a

1) Yellow Inner Core Layer

2) Yellow Outer Core Layer with a

3) Black Inner Outside Layer and a Grey Outer Outside Layer.