I Want to Order a Paracord Dog Collar, but I Have No Clue Where to Start!

Easy peasy! Below are simple instructions for creating the perfect personalized paracord dog collar for you best friend. If you have any further questions, please email me at BombBullie@gmail.com

1ST: So first, you want to figure out what type of collar you want:

1) Martingale (aka Limited Slip) - Click HERE

2) Training (aka choke) -  Click HERE

3) Classic (the one that you snap) - Click HERE

4) Adjustable Quick Release Collar - Click HERE

2ND: Pick Your Knot Type

Then you want to figure out if you want a King Cobra Knot Weave or a Cobra Knot Weave. Click HERE

3RD: Then you pick your colors. 

If you choose a Collar with Cobra knotting, you can pick 1-2 colors. Click HERE

If you choose a Collar with King Cobra Knotting, you can pick 1-4 colors. Click HERE

4TH: Place Your Order:

And then you place your order. Click HERE.  

**To Make sure you have the best size collar for your dog (as each type of collar has different functions thus different measuring tips), Click HERE