I want to order a King Cobra Dog Collar. What are the Color Scheme Options for this collar?


You can choose 1-4 colors for our King Cobra Paracord Dog Collars. There are 4 color/layer components to our King Cobra Paracord Collar:

1) Inner Core Layer

2) Outer Core Layer

3) Inner Outside Layer

4) Outer Outside Layer

Please indicate in the Notes Section of the Checkout page which color you want for each of the Four (4) Layers. Or you can email me at BombBullie@Gmail.com

Below is a chart regarding each layer. 



BombBullie King Cobra Paracord Dog Collar Color Scheme Options

So for example this collar has:

1) A Black Inner Core Layer

2) A White Outer Core Layer

3) A Pink Coral Inner Outside Layer

4) A Pink Coral Outer Outside Layer