The Story of Nannerfest by Patti M. & Dexter

The Story of Nannerfest by Patti M. and Dexter

Once upon a time there was a bull terrier named Mr. Brown who had an incredible passion for bananas. Mr. Brown was in love with an adorable bull terrier named Luna. She was known as his ‘Shark Bae’. One night Luna needed to visit Mr. Brown and she was desperate for a banana, so she stole a bunch of bananas off the counter and headed over to Mr. Brown’s house. Dexter caught wind of the news that Luna just stole a bunch of bananas and was headed over to his friend Mr. Browns’ house. Since Dexter also has a passion for bananas he could relate to the desperate need to ‘counter surf’ and score some bananas for his friend.

Some of our close bully friends, Stella, Homer, Hera, Snip, Nugget, Chico, Popcorn, Ruby, Luc & Maggie, (to mention only but a few), heard about this and were now sure to follow the banana escapades. Stella declared her love for bananas and Cindy was excited to join in on the fun stating that she would bring the peanut butter. Nummy! Cindy loves her peanut butter and at a later time we all named her our “Peanut Butter Bully Princess”! Stella and Cindy would share their peanut butter and bananas together since Stella loves peanut butter too.

Our friend @ScooterZ_Wag3 and Dexter were amazed about how many bullies seemed to absolutely love bananas. That was when @ScooterZ_Wag3 named the banana “the bully spirit fruit” because bullies are crazy bananas. Like they go bananas! Lol!!  → with spins and hucklebutts! We all agreed it was a fabulous idea and laughed.

Then @ScooterZ_Wag3 came up with the idea to change @lovabulluna’s name to @lovabanana! How perfect is that name for Luna! Mr. Brown agreed and said that he would be right over to Luna’s house with a bunch of bananas for her.  Dexter asked when the wedding would be and that he would be groomsman along with Homer. Stella, Cindy, Hera, Snip and Nugget would all be bridesmaids. ☺

The following morning Luna posted about a dog ice cream recipe with bananas. OOOOOO! Nanner ice cream!  Dexter thought this to be a fabulous invention for the bullies and thanked Luna for the recipe. But it didn’t stop there. No… Dexter couldn’t keep bananas out of his head. He was craving bananas with his breakfast so he demanded ‘bananas ala kibble’! Dexter usually eats some turkey with his kibble but after seeing @lovabulluna’s post on the recipe for banana peanut butter ice cream he just couldn’t stop his nanner craving.

So Dexter’s Mommy said let’s make you nannerfest (instead of breakfast – lol!). We posted Dexter having his nannerfest, banana ala kibble, on Instagram. @ScooterZ_Wag3 commented that this was a ‘pawsome’ idea and he reposted Dexter’s nannerfest to IG, spreading the word out further. That is when other bullies and dogs jumped on board trying bananas with kibble or just bananas as a snack. @ScooterZ_Wag3 sent a message to the original group saying ‘look what y’all started. ☺ No Stopping Now!’


We started having people send posts to Mr. Brown, @ScooterZ_Wag3 and Dexter showing their dogs eating bananas. Who knew it would be such a hit??? Bullys and dogs really go crazy for bananas!

Mr. Brown, Dexter, @ScooterZ_Wag3 and Luna gathered with their bully group of friends to create a committee for our Nannerfest ideas. Stella said she was on board and ready to celebrate. Homer and Hera were excited and ready to help. Cindy, Snip, Nugget and Chico were all excited to chip in and help, and became part of the original ‘Nannerfest Committee’. Mr. Brown was nominated as the Head Banana, rightly so. He and his mommy were going to work on some ideas for a photo contest to raise money for Bull Terrier rescues with a Nannerfest theme. We all agreed that this would be a great idea.

And that was how the idea for Nannerfest originated. A group of individuals from the bull terrier community coming together with an idea on how to have fun and while at it, help others. It grew with many others joining in along the way and now sure to become an annual event – it was so much fun!!

Mr. Brown’s mommy, the Head Banana, created an adorable logo for selling T-Shirts and banana bandanas! She took charge of setting up T-Shirts and bandanas through Teespring and had Etsy vendor Fuzzy Sheepdog Designs, create the banana bandanas for sale and held a photo contest to raise awareness.  She was such a tireless and valued contributor to Nannerfest’s overall success!

Our contest was on June 21, 2015. People from all over the world participated in the photo contest.

We raised money for bully rescues – Bull Terrier Rescue and Recycla-bull Terrier Rescue - and posted about bullies that needed homes or foster homes. It really helped in getting the word out to the Instagram community – a really great group of caring people!

We also had everyone post pictures on our page - #nannerfestbulliemania15 – wearing their t-shirts and bandanas. It was no less than Nanner-ific!


And… it was so successful that Badjak commented that Nannerfest has turned into a Nannerfest Bullmania! How fantastic is that!??!

Our original EBT Nannerfest bullies are (in alphabetical order):                

Badjak @bullterrierbadjak

Chico @chicothezombiehunter

Cindy @bullterriercindy

Dexter @sniblets1

Homer & Hera @bombbullie

Luc & Maggie @luc_n_maggie_ebt_duo

Luna @lovabulluna

Mr. ‘Jean-Baptiste’ Brown @mrbrownbt

Nugget @nugdababy

Popcorn   @spudsandstuff

Ruby @squid352

Snip @snipthebullterrier

Stella @ourbully