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Personalized Cobra Knot Paracord Dog Leash and Collar Bundle

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All of our collars and leashes are custom and hand made by us. We hand braid, weave, and knot Military Grade 550 Paracord to make our collars, leashes, and harnesses. This is the same 550 pound parachute cord used by our military members, hikers and mountain climbers, and even our Astronauts on their mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. We use approximately 1 Foot of cord per 1 Inch of collar and leash length. While Paracord is versatile, extremely strong, and can be used for survival, it looks quite awesome on your dog! When unraveled, you can use it as rope for so many purpose - securing cargo, fixing broken straps or clothing, assisting in rescues, and many other survival related things. Check out this awesome site for more ways to use Paracord for survival. 

Choose Your Leash Colors

Alrighty! Pick one (1) to two (2) colors for your leash. Please put this information in the Notes section at Checkout. 

Click HERE to see all of our paracord colors. 

Click HERE for a detailed description of our leashes. 

Choose Your Leash Length

Choose from a 2 foot, 3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot, or 6 foot long leash. The length starts from tip of the clip (where you clip the leash to the collar) to the tip of the handle. 

Choose Your Collar Type

Choose from one of our FOUR (4) Cobra Collar options:

1) Classic Collar (Description Here

2) Training Collar (Description Here)

3) Martingale Collar (Description Here)

4) Adjustable Collar (Description Here)

Choose Your Collar Colors for your Paracord Dog Collar

Please let us know what color you want for the Inner Core Layer and for the Outer Core Layer of the Collar. *Please put this information in the Notes section at Checkout. 

Click HERE to see all of our paracord colors. 

Unsure about the coloring scheme for a Cobra Paracord Collar? Click HERE 

Don't feel like being creative right now? Check out our Paracord Collection HERE to see some fan favorites to get some ideas. 

Choose Your Collar Size

*It's uber important you measure your dog's neck and give us the exact size you want because our collars are non-adjustable. They are made to fit your dog perfectly and cannot simply be "re-sized". **In the Notes section of your Checkout, please indicate what size you want your collar. 

Click HERE for sizing tips.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE measure your dog's neck following our sizing guidelines. These collars are handmade and take about an hour to an hour and a half to make. If it's the wrong size, we simply cannot adjust the collar, rather a whole new collar has to be made.

Just FYI

We hand make each item, just for you. That means that there may be slight variations to each piece. 


We donate a portion of our proceeds towards Bull Terriers in need and to the NannerFest Fund. So a huge thanks to you for your support.