Adventures in Bull Terrier ~ Summer Love in Carlsbad, CA

Homer and Hera had a most excellent week in sunny Carlsbad, California. While they are still adjusting to apartment life, they have definitely caught on to the small beach town living. They walk us everywhere and we hardly drive anymore.

Adventures in Bull Terrier - Carlsbad Love

We are about to move to Niceville, Florida in a few weeks. In preparation, we sold our house back in May and moved into a small apartment in downtown Carlsbad, CA. We are all sharing a queen mattress on the floor and one beat up ol’ couch. I think at first they were confused wondering where all of their couches, beds, and such went, but they said they are all good now as long as we treat them to lots of walks downtown and lots of California burritos…their favorite!

Homie and Hera’s paternal grandparents, Steve and Nora were in town visiting from Spokane, Washington this last week, and boy did they get spoiled. We all had dinner at The Compass in the Carlsbad Village. The Compass is “Woof Friendly” with a nice large patio outside overlooking the courtyard in Carlsbad Village. The service was amazing and we had the nicest waitress who adored Homie and Hera. They also made friends with Jim, a Carlsbad native who was quite the fan of Bull Terriers. He said once he moved out of his apartment, he wanted to get a Bull Terrier, they were his favorite dogs. We had the pleasure of answering some of him questions about the breed and the dogs soaked up his adoration and attention.

Homer shared Portabella Fries and the most amazing Mac-N-Cheese with me. Hera shared Tempura Squash Blossoms with dad and Ahi Salad and Sweet Potato Fries with Nora. If you like unique, creative, tasty things like bacon wrapped hot dogs and fried green tomatoes, a nice relaxing atmosphere with friendly locals and tourists alike, and a great selection of brews, wine, and cocktails, then check out The Compass.

Adventures in Bull Terrier - Carlsbad Love

And then there was that tree root in the park on the walk home singing out to Homer “Take me with you…” and so he did! It took Homie a mere 2 minutes to pull this root straight out of the ground and frolic all around the park showing off. Needless to say, he made quite the spectacle, singing and screaming the whole time he bucked up and down yanking this root out. That’s my boy…so proud!



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Took a few nice long sunset walks with the fam’ on the 101 in Carlsbad. Homer stuck his neck through nearly every part of the fence trying to fit through and go play? with the over-fed squirrels. Hera played with lots of doggie passerby’s whose owners couldn’t believe that this feisty, fun little thing is 8 years old.

All in all, it was a great week in the life of Homer and Hera. We are truly grateful to be down here in Carlsbad living it up. Once again, we are lucky to live where people vacation. Until next time, Homer and Hera say May the Furrrce be With You!!!





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