What Does 4 Colors Look Like on a King Cobra Knotted Paracord Dog Collar? Color Scheme.

Our King Cobra Collar is made with four (4) strands for Military Grade III 550 Paracord. Therefore, if you choose to have 4 colors, you can choose 1 color per strand, which we call a "layer". 

The four (4) strands we classify as layers are:

1) Inner Core Layer

2) Outer Core Layer

3) Inner Outside Layer

4) Outer Outside Layer

Please see the chart below. 

BombBullie King Cobra Collar with Four Colors

If you are not feeling too creative or are not sure what color combinations would look good and be the most perfect, uber-awesome colors for your collar, then Check out our Paracord Collection HERE.  Our Paracord Collection contains contains some of our customers' and our favorite Collars.